(n) a tasty liquor. goes great with c-ke. see captain morgan or bacardi and enjoy.
hey there, bar keep. let me get a rum and c-ke and keep em’ comin.
a magical drinking which apon sipping, you automatically turn into a pirate
jimmy before rum: whats up dudes?
jummy after rum: ahoy mates! scrub the p–p decks! yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
a tasty beverage favored mostly by prirates
pirate: “why is the rum always gone” ?
an alcholic beverage that is usually mixed with other drinks. havana club is popular in cuba. it comes in a variety of flavours and is usually added to anything that you ask for at the bar.
after drinking a few c-kes i realized that juan-carlos was adding rum to each one. sweet…
best. d-mn. drink. ever. add c-ka-cola and a lime and you got a great thing. drink it stright and it still kicks -ss. i recomend myers’s dark original (80 proof) or bacardi 151 (151 proof).
when all you gots is c-ke and rum, have fun. get some girls over!!!
liquor, from the caribbean, made out of sugar cane.
“why is the rum always gone?”
“rum is for drinking not for burning”
a verrrryyyyy tasty alcoholic beverage
recomendation: appleton rum (jamaican rum)
yo man, let me get an appleton rum mixed with c-ke

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