Rumered Up

when a woman is on that time of the month, pudgy, bloated, slept too much, or just retaining water.

reference of bruce willis daughter, rumer willis, being that she has a pudgy face.
1. i feel all rumered up, i’m on that time of the month.
2. i haven’t gone to the bathroom in a few days, and i’m all rumered up
when a woman is in her period, bloated, pudgy or her body doesn’t look as fat as her face.

in reference to bruce willis’ daughter, rumer willis that her body is thin but her chin and face are super big, and looks like she is retaining water.
gf -i feel all rumered up bf – are you on your period?
gf – no i just haven’t gone to the bathroom for a few days.

i need to get off the salty snacks for a while, im all rumered up now!

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