one who drinks too much (rum, or otherwise).
get that d-mned rummy outta here. i done told him not to come around trying to cadge free drinks in my bar.
bad; awful; depressing
that was the rummiest phone call in a lifetime of rummy phone calls.
another term for fans of the disney film “pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl.” usually female, rummies (singular: rummy) are so named because of the johnny depp character jack sparrow’s chronic consumption of the drink throughout the film. and since the line, “but why is the rum gone?!” is proclaimed by sparrow-chasers to be the funniest gol’ dang thing they’ve ever heard, the term “rummy” inevitably resulted. see also teenybopper and the aforementioned sparrow-chaser.
i’m getting awfully tired of a couple of my friends; they’re nothing but hopeless rummies that are hooked on that d-mn johnny depp guy.
george w. bush’s first secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld.
then rummy said, “throw another terrorist on the fire!”
a style of fighting involving maneuvers like jostling for position, elbows, kicking, jumping, pushing and high speed b-mping. from far away it just looks like a mob of people crashing into each other, but when examined carefully there is a method to the madness.
rummy is an official martial art, but is banned in many countries. in some countries it is even illegal to say the word rummy.
only the incredibly skilled fighters are allowed to be exposed to the world of rummy.if you have not heard about it, you are not good enough to partic-p-te.
“da joeys geelong boiis invented da rummys.”

“rummy is a way of life.”

“man, the was the sickest rummy we have ever had!”
someone who is mentally r-t-rded.
that guys such a rummy
a terrible friend or a beloved enemy.
the dog’s been a real rummy this week with it’s p–ping in the fish tank habits and blaming it on the cat, but i still love that pooch.

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