run a clear out

1. an offensive strategy in nba basketball, whereby (since zone defenses are illegal) four players spread out several feet from the basket, thus taking their defenders with them, while allowing the ball handler to go one-on-one with the remaining defender, either opening up an opportunity to ‘take it to the hole’ or kicking the ball out to an open man for a potential three pointer.

2. any strategy used by an individual (or individuals) to remove several persons from a given area for the purposes of a one-on-one maneuver or encounter.
alpha dog at club: man, i’d like to hookup with that hottie across the room, but she’s surrounded by four peeps who i know she’s not interested in.
alpha dog’s wingman : so, why don’t you just walk up, shove those fake players aside and show her who’s boss ?
alpha dog: naw, she might think i’m an -sshole. i’d rather she think i was a gentleman.
wingman : okay, then let me recruit four memes from your entourage and we’ll run a clear out . then you can approach her one-on-one.
alpha dog: now you’re thinking !

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