run a lizzo

run a lap
yo james go run a lizzo or i’ll slap you silly.

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  • run-a-way slave

    when you repeatedly smack a strippers -ss. while that stripper was grinding on me i beat her -ss like a run-a-way slave.

  • running fives

    playing a game of five on five basketball. “hey man what’re you doing this afternoon?” “i’m gonna head over to the gym, they’re running fives.” “yo, you two guys wanna run fives?” “sure man we’ll run with you.”

  • rupa

    1. in hindi(the national language of india) – means beauty 2. a hot girl check out that rupa. a rupa is slang term for a person who has an excuse for everything and generally won’t leave the house in the evenings. person 1: is jake coming tonight? person 2: no he says that his car’s […]

  • rustbacco

    the residue that builds up over time inside a smoker’s computer. tobacco mixes in with the dust in the air, which in turn is sucked in via several case fans inside a person’s computer. “dang, man, your computer’s full of rustbacco!

  • dirty shelby

    when a girl is 69ing and farts on the guys face i ate so much taco bell that my dirty shelby turned very messy.

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