an activity done by individuals who run at lunch instead of eating at lunch.
i’m off to runch.
the meal between breakfast and dinner for dogs named scooby.
rut roh! i runt to eat runch.
a dirty v-g-n-. usually used as an insult
“dude quit acting like a runch”
chinese food for lunch.
dude, you want to order runch?
nah, i’m gonna have a sub.
runch (verb)

1. the quick and ruthless domination of an opponent.

originated from a game of warcraft iii when a player spelt ‘rush’ incorrectly due to typing frantically as he was being beaten.

sometimes combined with a body part to give extra emphasis.

see also runched in the -ss
“i’m going to totally runch you in this game”

“omg i was runched in the face!!”
(verb) to forcibly vomit into another person’s r-ct-m.
(noun) the act of forcibly vomiting into another person’s r-ct-m.
during the act of lovemaking, he runched her but good.
oh, i can see by the way you’re limping that you’ve just returned from the champagne runch.
1. it is a mix between rice and lunch.
2. it also could mean that someone just did something messed up.
definition 1
“yo i had runch today.”

definition 2
matt: “yo i waffled a guys computer”
mike: “yo that is so runch”

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