can be generalised to describe all types of weed in physical form.can be abrieved to runt or lenthened to runtachen,tho it is often specificaly refered to as a runt in spliff format. see also recting and raising
yo brother,p-ss me the runtachen.i need to rect pr-nto….its time to rais a runt

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  • Runt Muffin

    a person of marginal intelligence who enjoys partaking in the exploration of upward concavities. contrary to popular belief, runt m-ffins are usually obese, despite their limited diet of female genitalia. schmandie is such a runt m-ffin, did you see the way she looked at the cashier’s nether regions?

  • Sexual friends

    some messed up term a guy is forced to make up so that he doesnt have to be responsable with a girl or get compromised eg he is such a jerk, she wanted a relationship but he told her they were s-xual friends

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  • Shitecrack

    term used to describe someone who has f-cking tragic banter. pete – “where is kirstie?” kirsty – “taking a nap” pete – “f-cking sh-tecrack”

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