strong men and a best father in the you are the great men

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  • sleep craving

    when you’re really sleepy but wanting something sweet to eat i’m in my bed comfortable and ready for bed but my fat -ss is sleep craving for a twix right now

  • raoli

    loud,and obsessed with cars wow you like cars? you must a raoli

  • siti hajjar

    very nice and unique name because it has double j at the name of hajjar. but it pr-nounce it as hajar like usual. very independent, brave and can do everything by her own. love to eat and sing a song. always remember the god and very religious person. her friend named siti hajjar.

  • reply hit

    to send a snapchat video of you/your friends taking a hit from a bong/bowl/joint/blunt, prompting your recipients to reply with a video of them taking a hit. similar to “reply chug” yo take a video of me hitting this bong so i can send a reply hit snapchat to the homies

  • chimdinma

    chimdinma is cute and sweet whenever you feel down she always knows a way to bring you back up she is also a therapist so anytime you need someone to talk to you can go to chimdinma she mostly has a smile on her face and spreads a friendly aura but never try to anger […]

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