Russian Shower

1. a ritual in which one douses themselves with cheap perfume until their clothing becomes fully saturated with the scent, which will last for weeks. this practice is the last step in preparing for a night on the town.

2. a replacement for deodorant; spraying your armpits with a perfume of choice. the alcohol kills the odor-causing bacteria, while the aromatics leave a long-lasting scent. this effectively prevents body odor for quite a while. is immediately accompanied by a few seconds of intense stinging on freshly-shaven armpits. this practice is more effective than deodorant and is much safer, since regular deodorant contains cancer-causimg agents.
1. hold on! before we leave, i need to take a russian shower.

2. arkady: i noticed that i smelled like sh-t, and i was too lazy to take a real shower, so i just took a russian shower.
a s-xual act in which one partner -j-c-l-t-s into the -n-s of the other, then has the s-m-n farted back onto themselves, traditionally on the face.

russian showers are often used in combination with, or as revenge for a donkey punch.
“hey baby, would you mind if i finish in your back door later tonight?”
“okay, but only if you don’t mind i russian shower you!”
when you take a sh-t and are out of toilet paper so you have to stand in the shower and let the running water clean out your -ss crack.
guy 1: where’s your toilet paper?

guy 2: we’re out. you’re going to need to take a russian shower.

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