rusty fish hook

while having s-x in the “doggy style” position, you then take one of your index fingers and stick in your partners -n-s and then hook the corner of their lip with the same finger.
my girlfriend got mad when i gave her the rusty fish hook.
similar to the shocker, but afterwards the poo-laden finger is inserted to the womans or mans(in prison) mouth in a hooked fashion.
susan knew what her -ss tasted like after i gave her a rusty fishhook.
when you hump doggy-style and after putting your index finger in her b-tt you stick it in her mouth and pull her cheek.
amazing way to end up with an angry girlfriend. stick your finger in her b-tt, then pull her cheek. she is a fish. you are the fisherman. you control the rusty fish hook.
the act in which an individual first puts their index finger into an -n-s, covering it in fecal matter, then scr-pes it along the insides of a victims mouth, causing a jagged wound that will likely become infected
joe ran up to the man and gave him a rusty fishhook.
derogatory s-x position: the act of sticking a finger in the b-tt of a women during doggy s-x,reaching for her face and hooking her mouth like a fish. possibly originating from a man obsessed with fishing.
“i gave it to her from behind and before she could notice, i gave her the old rusty fish-hook…”
similar to the dirty sanchez. while pounding your girl(or guy, whatever your pleasure), you rub and make slow semi-circles around her -sshole and the without warning you jam your finger in her -ss. when she turns around to yell hey!! you give the ole’ fish-hook. the sh-t on your finger resembling rust on a hook. you can go for the double rusty fish-hook, but you need to stick another finger in your own -ss right before you jam it in her and then wham-o!
dude, i was railing the chick the other night and she was moaning so d-mn loud that i had to give her the rusty fish-hook just to get her to shut up…
when a male inserts his 2 index fingers into a females -n-s during the doggystyle position, then removes them and reaches forward and hooks the corners of the mouth and pulls back violently.
i gave that sl-t the rusty fish hooks last night, when i was slamming her doggystyle

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