1. a ginger’s ball sack, referring to the rust-like color of the pubic hair

2. a s-xual act which incorporates tea bagging as well as the cleveland steamer where one partner “p–ps” on the other’s chest and then dips the scr-t-m into the feces. (in order for this to be defined as a rustysack, the p–p must be reddish-brown in color).

3. an incorporation of the chlojob

4. the dipping of the testicular sack in p–p (preferably with the p–p on b–bies)
after coitus, i tried getting her to go for the rustysack but i could not say i was surprised when i was turned down. it is a rather messy act which requires much cleanup.
a rusty ball sack

something required to perform a chlojob
i saw chloe’s rustysack as she gave me a chlojob

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