ryuichi ogata

one of the adorable w-inds. member. ryuichi is the rapper and backup vocal in the group. he is currently turning 19 this december 17 2004. ryuichi known also as the ‘rap master’ in the kirei da pv, has the most adorable puppy eyes you can just stare at all day.
born in hokkaido, j-pan.
has known ryohei chiba before w-inds.
likes girls for who they are not just for their appearance.
ironna koto ga nozomi doori ni ikanakattana asahaka dattana
sono uichi wasurerunda tte omoi tsumetemo shou ga nainda tte
modoranai mono ha mou modoranai
nandomo te ni toru shashin ha yaburezu kimi wa kirei da

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