saab 9-3 turbo convertible

the woman who drives a saab 93 convertible is chic and self-confident. bookish and intelligent, she can be seen tooling from the library to a humanitarian event. from her specs to her driving mocs, she is cl-ssically hip, usually with a ny times or wall street journal tucked between the drivers seat and console. her choice of music is anything from jazz to country. almost all saab drivers are left-handed and she is no exception. up on everything from world events to the newest movies, she spends most of her free time being with her head buried in a book of non-fiction. she’s unconventionally beautiful, hip and a trendsetter who makes no excuses for her fashion, reading or life choices. her home is modern, free of clutter and filled with books. she doesn’t care how old her saab is, as the older the model, the chicer the look. in the summer she can be found tooling anywhere from napa to nantucket with the roof down and her shades on.
my blind date pulled up in a saab 9-3 turbo convertible and immediately i was afraid that she would be more intelligent than myself

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