saboonze is a filler word for situations when you are speechless. if you see a riced out car, a fugly person or anything ghetto.
did you see that car? it had 3 spoilers, a fart can, red tinted windows and was driven by a kid with a blowout. yeah it was saboonze.

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  • [scadoot]

    to leave, go, to get out of here “alright dudes lets scadoot out of here”

  • hmskala

    a stupid person, someone u hate, just another synonym for an idiot, loser, jerk,etc jake was being auch a hmskala

  • hofolofosho

    literally translated as: wh-r- for life for sure meaning: 1)n. wh-r-, b-tch 2) v. whoring yourself out 3) adj. whorish 1) try not to screw anyone on your way out, you hofolofosho! 2) she hofolofoshoze- on the regular. 3) that hofolofoshoish b-tch slept with my man! -only the singular 3rd person changes to hofolofoshoze

  • hogmp

    hang on getting more pringles pringles own you, sucka.

  • holefilling

    when you fakishly sympathize with a socially-rejected person to look like a kind person and improve your self-esteem. andy: hi jimmy the nerd, do you wanna come at my house tonight? jimmy the nerd: hmm, why not. random student1: oh!, look at andy! he’s holefilling with jimmy! random student2: yeah, he’s improving his self-esteem.

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