sadiya’s are usually beautiful and everything they do is flawless. they are caring and kind. all the boys flaunt over them. they might be quiet but it’s better to be shy than say idiotic things out loud.
that sadiya could be a model she’s so pretty!!!
a girl who is very strange to unknown people. if you ever meet her don’t ever judge her by her looks;outside. she is funny, smart, fashionable,friendly, and pretty though she won’t admit it(unless her hair’s straightened) and loves listenin to music. it’s impossible to know this in the first meeting. she looks boring but if you know her personally, you will find out she is to be with. your life is lame if u don’t get to meet her and be her friend. and also she backs up and stands 150% by her friend. she even seems to have solution for every problem you got
aloo sadiya

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