there aren’t any definitions for saianeesh yet.

can you define it?

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  • lunagarchy

    rule by a few lunatics. this isn’t a democracy or a republic. it’s a lunagarchy!

  • sand mormon

    a muslim see also: snow muslim muslim people are not so bad, they are really just sand mormons.

  • wattido

    wattido is another way of greeting someone. a swaggier way of saying h-llo if you will hey man! wattido! how are you?

  • snisg

    an individual who does something unexpected or silly that directly affects another person. it is a term of endearment used between friends. “you held the door for my smits, you snisg”

  • sticky joe

    a hilbily man from teen t-tans sticky joe saved robin to -j-c-l-t- upon ones own hand, and then proceed to open palm slap it into the face of another. ron, what the f-ck was that you just slapped into my face? that was a sticky joe nathan. clinton gave monica a sticky joe in the […]

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