saint dominic high school

st. dominic high school is a private catholic school located on long island, ny. it’s campus is in oyster bay.
this school is a school filled with stuck up rich north sh-r- b-tches who only talk sh-t about each other. since the school has a population of like 10 people, everyone knows your business. chances are you and your best friend probably hooked up with the same guy. people are not afraid to spread sh-t about others and news spreads like wildfire. st doms gives you detentions for things like not having your hw and having your skirt too short. st doms is full of hoes who live on bud light and four lokos. if you attend st doms, you will not come out innocent.
person 1: “i cannot believe she got with my boyfriend! she was my best friendq”
person 2: “does she go to saint dominic high school?”
person 1: “say no more..”

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