salad dressing

a process involving the -j-c-l-t–n of s-m-n on, in, or near a waiting r-ct-m.

–this is a procedure popular among the h-m-s-xual community.
she likes ranch salad dressing.
agent spread around the -sshole during intercourse used to make salad tossing (-n-l licking) more palatable. typically this would be something edible and delicious i.e. pudding, flavored lubricant, etc.
only if you shower and put a little salad dressing around your garbage hole. last time i was down there i nearly gagged from smell of last night’s tacos.
the sweat and juice that collects on the gooch and a-hole during strenuous activity
man, i got got a ton of salad dressing running down my leg right now!!!

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