often a sl-tty person, and is so promiscuous, ends up being a s-xual educator preaching her s-x talk to other innocent kids, thus making them perverts.
ugh, she is such a saleema, makes me wanna barf!

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  • snoepie

    someone who spends a h-ll of a lot of time on irc. often seen trying to study. oh look, its snoepie!

  • Marfokker

    subst-tute word for motherf-cker. it gets by a lot of internet filters that an employer might find offensive. that algebra test was a marfokker! this weed is a marfokker! that duck got up and just flew away after i shot him twice – that’s one tuff marfokker!

  • frost week

    the first week in the winter term. it usually involves nonstop drinking and partying hard. used mostly in canada. we’re gonna get a keg for frost week, b-tchesssssss

  • marfk

    canadian wigger for motherf-cker daaaaym b that sh-ts tight marfk

  • Frosty Mitten

    masturbating with an extremely cold hand sadly, ray was no longer allowed in the freezer at work after the frosty mitten incident.

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