a lovely girl with a bad -ss att-tude she’s can be a flower at first then turn into a monster . she tends to be pretty , talented , and witty . don’t cross a salonge tho 😭
wow i didn’t know she was a salonge

careful she’s a salonge

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  • ganbaruby

    ruby kurosawa’s (from love live!! sunshine) catchphrase. it’s supposed to be a joke on words because ganbaru (roughly) means ‘do your best’ in j-panese and her name is ‘ruby’ so it becomes ‘ganbaruby’ which means ‘do your rubesty’! love live fan #1: i have two tests coming up.. love live fan #2: don’t worry! ganbaruby!

  • breyandra

    loud, random and sp-nky. she is independent yet dependent. loves to chat and use hand gestures. highly intelligent yet crazy. that girl that’s loud, she’s a breyandra.

  • puddle buddy

    melted methamphetamine ready to be smoked someone stole my hillbilly glue (methamphetamine) last night…they took everything besides my bowl with my puddle buddy

  • pulpophile

    someone who feels s-xual attraction to orange juice, especially orange juice with pulp. i s-xually identify as a pulpophile.

  • aishlin

    the most weidest female ever she will make you laugh and buy you tamales.. aishlin is a female that is funny wierd and crazy

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