sam murtagh

the skinniest person ever and the biggest snitch ever
hey you are so sam murtagh

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    destiny’s man. if you stare at his bod or touch him, destiny will bring an end to your destiny. i recommend you stay away from this man or else she will become the incredible hulk and smash… no not you, him in front of you! so try to stay away from her man/her possession if […]

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    a kind of dazed and confused facial expression that occurs during one’s first 30 days of sobriety. typically it is made by a resident of the sage dorm at baldy hughes. look at his sage face (when he got an extra plate of sausages during breakfast)

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    when a guy/girl’s bush is so big it be peepin’ out the top of their pants. guy 1: “yo man, did you see the peepin’ bush on that chick?” guy 2: “yeah man, hope she caught a glimpse of mine.”

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