use interchangably for pretty much any f-cking word you want.
samoonth me the remote c-nthole. or don’t samoonth at me c-nthole.

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  • shiznizit

    used in place of that four letter word for excrement you betta’ cut that shiznizit before i ponk a yammy on yo abba

  • shlungorny

    hungry h-rny and sleepy shlungorny is what you are when you’re been out partying and it’s late and you’re really hungry and h-rny and sleepy at the same time. most shlungorny people find themselves at taco bell thinking about some dtf chicks while snoring into thier volcano taco.

  • Shmable

    shmable is an elderly woman with completely natural flaming red locks, sings high pitched opera in church choir every sunday morn, has a medusa for a piercing, and dines on taco bell every evening. always regular nachos with cheese and sour cream. carries large oversized lucky brand handbags. smokes american spirits because it’s the cool […]

  • shmekkin'

    to have s-xual relations synonyms: be carnal, bed, breed, cohabit, conjugate, couple, do it, fool around, fornicate, go all the way, go to bed, have coition, have relations, have s-x, lay-, lie with, make it, make love, make out, mate, sleep together, sleep with, unite i’m in the mood for some shmekkin’…i wonder if carly’s […]

  • Shmemlin

    a sub-species child of eleven or twelve, not ugly, not pretty but quite funny looking. usually have a last name which explains their funny-lookingness like something that sounds like inbred or incest. when they insult you by means of a hand gesture, they will usually stick put their thumb out as well as a middle […]

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