Sandusky Special

act: gay shower -n-l s-x. a reverse sandusky special occurs between a man and woman.
mike sure gave peter a sandusky special in the shower last night.
a tricky s-x act. basically, the male will reverse-t-tty-f-ck his partner (while the woman is on her back, the male straddles the female, facing her feet, and places his p-n-s in between her br–sts) while defacting in her open mouth. it is similar to a cincinnati bowtie, except with the addition of a hot lunch. like many s-x acts, this one is named for another great city in ohio.

as an added bonus, the sandusky refried special is accomplished if the man has a bad case of diarrhea.
i thought i’d done it all, until she asked me to give her the sandusky special.

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