stubborn oblivious people
there are three kinds of people. one that cause a revolution, two that complain about the revolution and then there are sanjels of the world….that say “i am finally here, where’s the revolution?” welcome to facebook! i guess its time to move to another social network!

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  • Santa Crime

    any criminal, or gangster in a santa hat and gangster shades looking as though he’s on a crime spree to celebrate the holidays..any un-santa like, or unsavory character with th hat. for instance…take any criminal, or shady looking individual, plop a santa clause hat on them… wallah! santa crime! “wow jeffrey, did you see that […]

  • save it for the library

    a nicer way of telling someone to “shut up” (as there is no noise allowed in a library). randy, save it for the library.

  • Satan's Sock

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    restless, bored, can’t be bothered mood, wah, so sianz i have to do the stupid english essay…

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    someone who sucks david, you are such a schemalea face!

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