the mental state of mind that men/boys take on when they become fans in any way shape or formof pop music. it is a state of being incredibly h-m-s-xual, and decide to callously and so obviously hide your carnal desires surrounding your fellow man by saying you think the female pop star is attractive, and you only like her for that reason. when in reality, you want to -ssimilate into the female s-x, and give female friends tips about hairstyles and ways of dressing while at night, dating cute young boys and taking them home, and doing the nasty with them.
i once knew someone that went to a britany spears concert because she was “way hot, dude”. while we gave him a false sense of security by saying “oh, yeah, right, because she’s hot, we understand.” when he left the room, the first words out of our bodies were “f-ckin’ f-g.”

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