Sarah Roberts

has a lip ring..
want her cl-t pierced.
f-cked heston
f-cked adam
f-cked tyler
kayla is her wh-r- -ss friend..
lies to her dad
smokes ciggerettes
gives good bl-w j-bs
moans loudly
has big t-ts
wants a tounge ring
has a std
like 6 of them
one in every language
it okay
like i said its good s-x..
but you can find her usually on your best friends lap
like to get some -n-l..
she is a kinky sl-t
like my t-st-cl-s in her -ss.
wierd shiittt,,
she loves g-ngb-ngs
kennewick wa is the area you’ll find her,maybe in the alley giving a cheap bl-wj-b so she can go score some smack from her drug dealer..
oh adam.heston.tyler,clint,pat,brandon.daniel,romes,scott,kathy.doobie,i want it like sarah roberts

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