picture perfect princess; similar to jasmine from aladdin, or bollywood brown-eyed bombsh-ll aishwarya rai
that girl is so sarika- no wonder rob is into her!
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the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen. she’s always smiling and is the nicest person ever to be around. all the boys want her, not only for her beauty but also her loving personality. she will grow up to be all the boy’s favourite, dating many fit boys who look like zayn malik. in clubs, she will get all the boys flirting with her, but she will end up with a loyal one
“i love sarika”, said aaron
“i want a sarika”, said cam
n. a very slow gujju girl that dates buff guys that are three years older than them. frequently uses the words “huh” and “what” in a conversation because they are too slow to understand
man quit being so stupid all the time people might think your a sarika.

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