a strong woman, an example of determination. she is patient and understanding a true friend valued beyond measure.

she tackles life by the horns with a lovely smile on her face and sum coffee in her cup…her shoes always clean and fly for her steps are well calculated and worthy
sativea is the most beautiful woman.

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  • emah-lei

    a very loving caring girl that will never let anything tear her down. very strong and brave one that loves to much and isnt selfish trusting is a main character will become a heartbreaker get you weapons ready dads my daughters name is emah-lei.

  • dereona

    the most beautiful girl in the world.. with a heart of gold and a att-tude like a fire ball.. that dereona is the most outspoken child i know..

  • namija

    a wonderful girl with the ability to be anything she wants. she has a wonderful smile that lights up the room and the heart of anyone around her. namija made my day seem so much better

  • q-fetti

    a word that describes a real n-gg-. never fake about anything, plays their own role, and keeps it one hunnid. also, keeps a smile on the ladies face these n-gg-s ain’t sh-t , i need a q-fetti.

  • rahlese

    trusting in the holy spirit. a woman’s name. rahlese pondered the love of yahweh and for everything in her heart.

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