a wonderful and beautiful person with a great personality who will make any guy happy but is already happy taken.
savannah is the best person ever
most likely blondeand super but has the occasional dumb athletic and easy to talk to girl.she can be shy but when she’s in her comfort zone she can be wild and crazy. usually well known and a risk taker.shes fun to be arround and usually the life of a party. she has more on her mind than you may think and can be very insecure and self conscience.she usually hides her feelings to avoid getting hurt but once its been too much she lets it all out and all she really wants at a time like that is for someone to listen to her.she is a great friend and you can always turn to her for advice or help.if you need anything she will always be there for you.she is very reliable.
shes soo pretty and seems really outgoing,she looks like she’d be a savannah
a savannah: the most beautiful and well rounded, amazing girl ever. she’s a free spirit with adventure in her heart but never forgets who she is and who she loves. if you have a savannah in your life dont let her slip by, because she will. don’t take it personally if it seems like she isn’t showing you love because she is deep inside of her. savannah is precious and has absolutely no idea how amazing she is. comfort her when she needs it and she will comfort you back. she may play hard to get but once she tells you she loves you be d-mn straight that she does. every little thing she does make her the captivating and elegant soul she is, for although she has had a rough past she is able to transcend her troubles and view the present with maturity and hindsight. it’s easy to get lost in her eyes but its even easier to lose yourself when they close. she’s a gorgeous angel and your ook pie.
i wish i knew more savannahs..
1.someone who is extremely intelligent but still a dumb-ss occasionally and has their blonde moments.

2.someone who is obsessed with hot sauce.usually having it on something almost everyday and on some unusual things like perhaps chicken soup or coffeeblack & with cream& sugar
1.dude that chick is such a savannah.she gets straight a’s but still walks into trees. you’re like a savannah, you put hot sauce on everything!
savannah is the name of a s-xy woman! rarely brunette, but better that way. is a total sweetheart. is really smart but can have blonde moments. a great friend, and downright beautiful. probably one of the most funniest, amazing people you will meet.

did i mention big b–bs? :p

guy: whoa, that chick must be a savannah.
guy 2: yeah, she is, i know her. she’s amazing!
a smart and pretty girl, rarely a brunette, but always prettier that way, she is unique in her own way, but is still normal enough to be civilized. is well loved and has a good judgement of who to be around. does not engage in peer pressure, and someone who loves kids. a big dreamer, and a goddess of the sun and peace. this girl will usually be shy, but once people get to know her, you will never get her to shutup. over all, she is an amazing person. this name was a gift.
savannah is so pretty and amazing, no wonder why some people hate her. they are just jealous
smart but has occasional blonde moments. her physical traits are curvy, most likely blonde, and sort of southern. her personality can rub off as ditsy but once you get to know her she is creative and interesting. she judges people too quickly though and is sometimes insincere. overall a good person with flaws like everyone else.
savannah, i watch out for that tree! wow can’t believe she gets good grades.
wow savannah is pretty cool after about a week or two
the kindest, sweetest girl you will ever meet. savannahs have got it all — brilliant mind, perfect body, gorgeous eyes, and always are multi-talented. savannahs are a rare find. to find a savannah is one of the luckiest things a person can do. the only catch is that one must first gain the trust of a savannah, which takes time and loving patience. but once one does earn the respect and trust of a savannah, one is destined to be in love with that savannah for the rest of their life. of course, who could blame them? savannahs are the funniest, the most patient, and the most loving creatures on the planet. if one encounters a savannah, it is a good idea to get acquainted, as it may well be the best decision one could ever make in their entire life.
person 1: do you hear that beautiful voice? oh my goodness, that’s that pretty girl singing?! wow, those are two qualities of my ideal woman!

person 2: oh, her! yeah, she’s really polite and really kindhearted, too. i guess she’s a savannah.

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