1.a person that thinks he/she is funny but really ends up p-ssing people off

2.someone with a very small p-n-s

3.someone who plays off as h-m-s-xual but is really doing it for attention
1. that kid is such a savero and is really getting on my nerves

2. wow i was about to have seed with jemal but he was a savero

3. john: ha that kid is so gay

steven: no he is a savero and just wants attention

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  • loc'd out

    the term for a gang member who is openly gay or has come out of the closet to his boyz. paco is loc’d out, essay, but don’t mess with him; he’s still very, very hard.


    an acronym, recently adopted by various members of the national air traffic controller’s -ssosciation as an unofficial motto. ftftfwmf stands for: f-ck them, f-ck those f-cking worthless mother f-ckers. management issues abound, but ftftfwmf.

  • LoG Bomb

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