to taint something beyond redemption, like his crimes tainted jimmy saville’s memory.
there is no way i’m eating that. the dog savilled it when he licked it.
verb: inappropriate touching causing feelings of unease to the touched party.
also a scale of 1 to 10 by which to measure inappropriate touching, 1 being a creepy limp hand stroking 10 being full molestation.
i don’t like that guy, my friend said he savilled her the other night, only a 2 though if it was 3 he would have got a punch in the face.

careful, when you’re drunk you tend to saville people a bit.
a s-xy man with mates like beau selecta, james bagley, jay hussaine, but not jack cole becoz he’s a p-ssy.
“saville was with your sister last night jack!”

“you sh-g her?”

“f-kin ryt boi!”

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