a word that has similar meaing to”hey” or “h-llo”, used as a greeting
“sawbie! whats up?”

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  • Mairen

    a rare alternate spelling of an irish name. ‘mairen’ means ‘sea nymph’ or ‘pearl of the sea,’ according to irish lore. mairen, with her long brown hair flying behind her, pedaled furiously up the hill on her bike.

  • psla

    psla (acronym) – p-ssive smoking level agreement: 1. an agreement between smokers and non-smokers to share mutual cigarette breaks so that both may enjoy the benefits of such periods away from their desks without discrimination against either lifestyle choice. 2. an opportunity for ex-smokers to still share and enjoy an occasional inhalation of cigarette smoke […]

  • pshyeah

    used when someone points out the obvious. it is so obvious that stacey does her own hair, don’t you think? pshyeah!! it’s another form of h-ll yeah. it can also mean like: are u kidding?? yeah!! you wanna go to that party? pshyeah i do

  • Secret bad girl

    a woman who acts cl-ssy, and well behaved in public, but behind closed doors transforms into a s-xually permissible woman. guy: “all this time i though jen was a good girl. turns out, she’s a secret bad girl.”

  • Scalzied

    getting weak in the face of confrontation, pandering for women’s approval. scalzied is similar to being afflicted with palsy. the body and mind contort to accommodate delusional pablum. (def. by heartiste/roissy) he might’ve had a chance with that chick but totally scalzied himself by getting all weird and defensive.

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