a cr-ppy idea or plan that would never work.
“that’s the stupidest sboog i have ever heard!
the act, intention, or being of anything s-xual.
mike: “hey, that chicks hot.”
bob: “got that right, i sbooged all over her in bed last night.”

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    acronym for “sorry bout your d-mn luck”, usually used when something unfortunate happens to a an enemy. man #1: my wife is cheating on me. man #2: i know, i’m the one banging her man #1: what? man #2: sbydl

  • Scamlord

    a landlord that rips tenants off by abusing their powers. i.e. like renting out a piece of sh-t apartment infested with rats, in need of many repairs, containing sh-t stained carpets, broken appliances, etc… “thank god i do no longer have to pay the -scamlord on the 1st of the month. he’s a total pr-ck!”

  • schlumperdink

    when two guys are about to walk into each other, so one guy moves to the side, but then the other guy moves to the same side, then they both move to the other side and on and on. schlumperd-nk is used in the comic at

  • Cleveland Hot Waffle

    the act of sh-tting on a woman’s chest and then smacking the pile of sh-t with a tennis racket. the b-tch got out of hand so i gave her a good ‘ol cleveland hot waffle to shut her up.

  • Clinton Eyes

    giving the look of professionalism with a hint of “i want to penetrate your holes,” in your eyes. clinton eyes clinton eyes bill s-x rape

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