a female scam artist
she was so beautiful, you almost didn’t care that she was such a proficient scammeretta and got all our money.

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  • scammeretto

    a male scam artist the scammeretto took us for a lot of money

  • scrubling

    1.a young scrub. 2. a scrub, but worse. joe: oh my god im so screwed!!!!!!!!!!!! robert: joe, you’re such a scrubling.

  • settis

    settis = settings person a:”i had a great dinner yesterday” person b: “tell me about your settis” person a: “2 kebabs and 1 dürüm roll, alhamdulillah” person b: “subhannalah akhi, that sounds like a nice settis indeed, praise be to allah azawajal”

  • shuffed

    shuffed is when you are too chonged or drunk to know or do stuff. what the mush i was so shuffed last night

  • sleazed

    a person who is totally baked after hours of bong rips. i’m f-ck-ng sleazed dude.

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