Scandalous Hoe

a female who partakes in shady/sneaky activities, involving such things as std transfers, -n-l s-x, long meaningless text messages, getting uncontrollably intoxicated at chuckie cheese’s, unprovoked crying, calling people at 2:58 p.m., and the ever effective guilt trip.

not to mention, being a hoe.
robert: dude…i have herpes, i just went to the doctor yesterday…

ryan: that’s terrible, who’s the b-tch?

robert: some scandalous hoe…i think her name was breanna.

ryan: that definitely is a scandalous hoe! i bet she’s had -n-l s-x.
1) a b-tch who acts like she’s ghetto, but she’s straight up white washed.

2) she goes out with / talks to guys saying “baby i love you” to her so called”bestfriend / close friend”

3) the type of girl everyone wanna fades.
girl: she was getting at my boyfriend and she was my “close” friend. this been going on for about a month and she was talking to me like she didnt do anything wrong !

girl’s cousin: whaatta b-tch -ss scandalous hoe!

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