when you sh-t all over the toilet seat
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  • Meesomploss

    noun. 1) small things for you. 2) little items you claim to be your own. “meesomploss, motha f-cka! hands off my taco salad!”

  • Gowgow ka jab

    ( pr-nunciation goo goo ka jab) meaning you look lovely tonight. gowgow ka jab my lady!

  • Kansas muffin hooper

    when a girl rubs her b–bs on a guy’s -ss to give him pleasure. maura gave cody a kansas m-ffin hooper last night and he j-zzed in his pants! sebastion begged ashley for a kansas m-ffin hooper last night and she willingly obliged. molly and trey love to kansas m-ffin hooper all night long.

  • Keanyn

    an amazing girl with nice b–bs. she has the cutest smile, and denies everything her boyfriend tells her. shes beautiful, and she thinks she can correct her bf’s grammar. 24/7. he still loves her though. hey, i wish my girlfriend was a keanyn!

  • Cocoalert

    when one secretly eats drinking chocolate out of the tin, and caughs on the dust, alerting anyone who might be listening. i had a cocoalert the other day, my mom heard me stuffing cocoa mix into my mouth, it was so embarrasing.

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