someone who never smokes their own weed but invites themself over when you’re smoking your own weed
d-mn he always stops by when we’re gettin high and he takes a few hits of our sh-t. he’s a scavenger.
a person whose vocabulary and demands mostly consist of ” ey let me get half of that” or simply “let me get half” for short.
most are usually just too lazy to get the stuff themselves so they resort to their scavenger ways. others are just broke -ss motherf-ckers.

they’re number two from the bottom of the pyramid of society, ‘b-ms’ being first. there are usually 1 or 2 in every social group .
person: “hey, check out my fresh slice of pizza!”

scavenger 1: “hey let me get half of that pizza.”

scavebegr 2: “let me get half of that half.”
someone who free loads.
my friend anthony is a scavenger. he’s always taking sh-t without asking like its cool.
one who is only your friend when you have marijuana, or other drugs, and or alchahol.
you got a bag man? cool, im gonna chill with you today (tj)
some broke -sshole who never gets their own sh-t and just leeches like a b-tch -ss. prime example is tom orbison god d-mn that kid is mark -ss.
kid: hey man let me get some of dat sammich
kid 2: go f-ck urself you god d-mn scavenger, this is my sh-t. get ur own god d-mn sammich u broke -sshole.
someone who always picks up on their friends exes or booty-calls and never finds there own hook-ups.
that scavenger over there is waiting for me to be done with him because she found out he has a big d-ck.
someone who just come around for stuff you have.
richard is such a scavenger with his afro, all asking for stuff.

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