scca (sports car club of america); an amateur-to-professional level motorsports organization sanctioning races in autocross, rally, american le mans, indy, and many other various forms of automotive racing.
“scca licensing and/or certification, is required for all drivers entering most major compet-tive driving events in north america.”
super conceited car-racing arsholes who enjoy spending their time and money lavishly on ridiculously tripped out vehicles that are not street legal in the attempts of mimicking a peac-ck by elaborately displaying their faux wealth and poor taste in car painting colors, i.e. hot pink and black, all in an effort to appear interesting to the opposite s-x.
newbie: wow, this is an expensive hobby

scca fool: what part of porsche racing did you think was going to be inexpensive, ahahahaha

intelligent thinking woman: d-bags, the lot of ’em!

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