the act of tearing a bug limb from limb after just having the best s-x you ever had.
oh honey that was great, now lets sch-lling.

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  • schexnailder

    male who f-cks hot girls the best sam does the best schexnailder

  • schfa

    a word commonly used in schools to describe anything that is blah, idiot, stupid or to use in akward situations in which something must be said. you can also call someone a “schfa face” which might mean “jij” or “jerk idiot jerk” “schfa” “what?” “you’re a schfa face”

  • schiezer

    cool, tight, something that is very nice. that was schiezer any kind of narcotics or controlled substances. “yo, did you get that raw schiezer?”

  • Schlodeo

    a schlodeo (derived from the words schl-ng and rodeo) is when you place a saddle on someone’s d-ck, and ride it like a bull rider as if you were in a rodeo. bro 1: yo kelly was so drunk last night, she started riding my d-ck like a bull! bro 2: dude, she totally gave […]

  • Schlumpf

    verb. the art of lazing around the house in your most comfortable and/or oversized clothing, doing whatever the h-ll you want, make-up free, toothbrush free and undeoderised. > friend: it’s 3pm and you’re still in your pajamas?!? > schlumpfer: yeah, i’ve been at home schlumpfing all day. i ate nothing but cereal. “these sweats are […]

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