this word means literally anything you want it to. it was created and is mainly used by a rather famous younow star named drew malino. (he’s beautiful.) use carefully as some may not know what you’re saying and may take offense. i know from personal experience.
i love you, you frickin’ schilique!!!

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  • section 8 housing

    1. used to refer to the ghetto housing for food stamp and food card welfare recipients, mainly inhabited by white trash and very dirty and poor african americans. 1. “you hoe, i bet you live in section 8 housing.”

  • self-tackelazation

    to tackle ones self. i was running and became a victim of self-tackelazation.

  • s*m*n c*cktail

    when a woman has s-x and allows her partner to come inside her and than has s-x with another person the next day allowing him to come inside her as well. hence the mixing on sperms making s-m-n c-cktail . trish had s-x with luke and mark a night apart , this created a s-m-n […]

  • sewp

    when there’s a small puddle of c-m left on the bed after s-x i had to clean the sewp off the bed after he left. it was gross. via giphy

  • shaftball

    a curveball that a pitcher throws in tap baseball that is unhittable and always a strike. applicable in everyday life when you’re getting screwed over. see genesis 29:21-30 “you know what we call that where i’m from? we call that the shaftball!”

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