a chincy alien that resembles a leprechaun with cerebral palsy
that f-ckin schmeho is such a b-st-rd

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  • fuckski

    s-xual intercourse i was getting a god ‘ol f-ckski this weekend when she i pulled a rodeo on her and said i had aids and wanted to see how long i could hold on smoud, a f-ck up, screw up. basically a wh-r- in every way. omg sarah is such a f-ckski

  • FullBlownGaylordFocker

    a person (most of the time a man) who is obviously very, very h-m-s-xual. dude, tom cruise is a fullblowng-yl-rdfocker

  • furplay

    the innapropriate feeling you get when a cat rubs against your leg when mr.toodles rubbed against me, i felt some furplay going on s-xy times. when jessica dresses up like a cat and rubs my appendage, i feel like furplay is going to take place.

  • fake breaking

    bullsh-tting someone. not telling the truth, or trying to get someone to believe something bogus. don’t be fake breaking me.

  • schmize

    n. a swift departure without prior notice or warning. v. to leave suddenly from a public location without informing any of those present or offering any goodbyes. i think she’s gone, she must have pulled a schmize. yo, what happened to you? you schmized out last night.

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