a very loving and affectionate creature. of the kind nature, the best boyfriend any girl could ever ask for! every girl should have one. also is very good in bed
i love schuyler so much, he is very nice 🙂

pr-nunciation: (sky ler)
-totally chill
she is super talented. that must be a schuyler!
straight forward and caring. the definition of awesome.
dude,who’s that new guy, he’s such a schuyler!
schuyler is a sweet caring girl who is:
– caring
– kind
– loving
– beautiful
– a great friend.
‘wow. who is that?’
“you mean schuyler?”
one crazy–ss b-tch who will find you, stalk you, eat you, then never let you run away.

also a pathological liar;

first impressions always great, your friends…. then frenemies……. then you become the victim

often times is greek, has an australian accent, short, and has a banging body
guy: hey i just met this real cool girl.
friend: really… who is it?
guy: this chick named schuyler.
friend: what!……. you better run. that b-tch a schuyler.

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