dollars. money
i only have 5 sc–nes in my wallet

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  • gerber c*ck

    gerber c-ck is when a guy has a very small p-n-s. so tiny that it’s compared to a babies p-n-s. holy sh-t, look at how small that is, shane has a gerber c-ck.

  • luis martinez

    a male who eats tacos for a living luis martinez consumed all my tacos today

  • myson

    is when you have a little boy or someone younger than you. they always follow you around and they start protecting you and looking up to you. its like your son 1.daywan might be 1 year younger than me but he is my son. 2.carl is my son even tho we is 4 years apart […]

  • gatwech

    s-xiest man ever to live on earth that is strong and best at basketball. wow your a gatwech!

  • finish your business

    complete a dump johnny was playing with his phone in the bathroom. his girlfriend knocks on the door. “hurry up, johnny! finish your business! i’m dying to go!”

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