a scooper-dooper is a pail, much like a pail kids use in the sandbox, that is picks up fecal matter stuck on the floor and/or wall.

if someone p–ps and misses the toilet, or just wants to be a douche and p–ps on the wall, then you use a scooper-duper to scr-pe it off the floor or wall if stuck, or if not stuck then just pick it up.

the scooper-duper is a filthy pail that much resembles a dust pan, and has probably not been used in over a year (depending on how much p–p lands on your floor or walls), it is slicked over dusty and filthy, and is probably stored in a cubby hole, or closet that has been previously infested with mold, or rats.
did you hear what jon had to do at work at wal-mart yesterday? someone p–ped on the floor next to the moldy out of order toilet no one used, and the manager told him he had to use that nasty scooper-duper to clean it up…
not a drink at sonic
-“hey man, have you tried a scooper duper from sonic?”

-“there is no such thing!”

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