individual who dates people half their age to feel younger; person who enjoys eating b-tt
that guy is a total scooze

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  • meltbag

    someone who is bad at debate and should probably either switch to congress or quit altogether. person 1: wow tommy is such a meltbag. person 2: yeah he is so bad at debate. person 1: meltbag lookin’ -ss.

  • cod 2016

    it’s just trash… the end cod 2016 is trash

  • dezmarae

    this is a girl/woman who is strong hearted, beautiful, silly when you need smile and a psycho when you need someone dead the best kind of friend you could have! “hey look dezmarae is killing that one person who made nic cry” “hey desmarae is so funny”

  • born hole

    the hole you came out of. i’m going to kick you in your born hole. (i’m going to kick your mom’s p-ssy).

  • kimochi warui

    feels gross man. did you just spray your c-m and wipe your ochinchin on my face? kimochi warui~

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