plural: scorbi

a scorbis, as seen in project renegade:invasion is a 10 feet tall, alien with two pairs of red eyes, two horns and a slim figure. it also has a 10 metre tail with petruding spikes.

there are three types of scorbi
no horns: quick, intelligent, reproducers
ram horns: buff, not as intelligent, extraordinary strength
horned: all rounders and can speak human language.
ben: oh no it has my leg, the scorbis has my leg!!!
steve: an armaggedon of scorbi just took down that building!
a legendary mythological bird. seen only twice by present humans, the scobis has the ability to become invisible at will, explaining the rarity of sightings. scorbi(plural form) are said to also have the ability to engulf themselves in flame. hence the exclaimation, “flaming scorbis!” scorbi are also known for their distinct, melodious mating call.
ex1: scorbis- “chiga chiwaaaaaaa chiga chiwaaaaaa”
person 1- my friends, we are in the presence of greatness.
person 2- there it is! a scorbis

ex2: (exclaimation form) while splitting wood chuck slips and slams his sledgehammer into his foot and says, “flaming scorbis”

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