1. tormentor: somebody or something that is perceived as an agent of punishment, destruction, or severe criticism.

2. whip: a whip that is used for inflicting punishment.

can also be used as verb, being scourged;

1. punish somebody: to punish or criticize somebody severely.

2. whip somebody: to whip somebody severely.

the scourge of his childhood.
a long overdue derogatory term for ignorant caucasian people.
today i was smoking a cigarette outside work and some scourge came walking up trying to sell me a block of cheese.
being the sc-m of the earth / people who are lower in scociety than snake sh-t. people often linked to this word are called alan
you are the scourge of the workplace / you are the alan of the workplace
skɜːdʒ n.

1. the plant cannabis.

2. the intoxicating effects of the cannabis plant when the plant is consumed.

tr.v. scourged; scourg-ing; scourg-es

1. to have smoked marijuanna – to be affected by marijuanna

2. to be smoking marijuanna

3. smokes marijuanna
originating from the anti-cannabis moc-mentary “reefer maddness” in which marijuanna is called a “scourge to humanity” repeatedly

1. marijuanna is a scourge of the youth.

2. this is one f-cking crazy scourge.

1. he was so scourged last night.

2. she is just scourging right now.

3. he scourges a ton!
swarm, gathering
the scourge of bees was overwhelming for the defenseless h-tch-hiking group.
a source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war.
mamadred was the scourge of the south.
used as a verb : to run away from something, usually the police .
hey n-gg-! these mof-ckin’ pigs(police) be rollin’ up in our sh-t! man, n-gg-, we got’s to scourge!(run)

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