scouring the pipes

1. the act of masturbating (rubbing your c-ck masterfully).

2. scouring the pipes of your p-n-s in order to -rg-sm.

3. the process of pleasing yourself s-xually

4. what you do when there is nothing to do

5. what you do when your family is not home

6. the reason people watch p-rn.

7. the reason old people are having more heart attacks.
scouring the pipes (masturbation) protects against prostate cancer. men who scour their pipes more than 5 times a week in their 20’s are 33% less likely to develop the

most aggressive form of prostate cancer later in life. a 2003 study by graham giles at the cancer council of victoria in melbourne australia found that the -j-c-l-t- helps to “flush” or rid the male body of carcinogens.

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