1) the fine powdery residue left in a baggy of marijuana after the contents have been smoked

2) the remnants left in a pouch of tobacco when all the good stuffs gone, usually a sh-tty tasting tobacco flavored dust
1)’me and adam were gonna skin up but there were only scrabblings left’

2)’this cigarette tastes like sh-t’ ‘yeah i know, i had to use the scrabblings’
playing scrabble. no resemblance whatsoever to the traditional meaning of scrabble, which is to scr-pe or grope about frenetically with the hands. nor, at first blush, to the ud’s definition of scrabble as an act of group s-x. then, if you think about it for awhile, you realize that playing scrabble sometimes generates feelings and noises that are -ssociated with having s-x. i’ve heard that, i mean.
is scrabbling with your peeps better than pretending you are on jeopardy?

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