dope cut with special ingredients in order to give you a better rush.
d-mn dude…… that sh-t…. man i gotta… get this sh-t more often…. zzzzzzzzzzzz

for a large group to quickly seperate in various directions to avoid consequence. often used when an illegal action is in progress and the authorities arive.
ex. -at the scene of a fight.
boy 1: the police are coming! everyone scramble!
an adult beverage consisting of whiskey, usually jack daniels or jameson, and red bull in roughly equal proportions.
i’ve had 6 scrambles so far tonight and i’m feeling jacked!
to mess up someone’s gaydar

to give off mixed signals as to whether one is gay or straignt
“man, don’t scramble my gaydar! i can’t figure out if you’re coming on to me or if you’re just interested in my girlfriend.”
when a guy cant get it out (cant -j-c-l-t-)after beating the meat too much ect. smacking the squirrel
man i had a bad case of the scrambles last night i was alone all day
verb. to climb using arms or legs or to move hastily.
he scrambled to his feet. he scrambled over the rocks.
to have s-x
guy: hey what’s going on?
girl: nothing much, hubby’s not home. hey, wanna scramble?
guy: aachi maachi…

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